Visit Cert

SCI visit certs will be required due to the classification of the conference. If you need any assistance, please contact Erica Burnam or Suzanne Hayes at the contact numbers below.

Erica Burnam 

Suzanne Hayes

Visit certs may be sent to:

Secure Contact Information

Secure Phone: 853-9301

Secure Fax: 703.460.3978

Unclassified Contact Information

Phone: 703.460.3894

Fax: 703.460.3030

Corporate SMO/CAGE code**: 6KTD1

The following will need to be on the visit certs:

Full Legal Name

Company Name, Email, and Phone

Full SSN

Date and Place of birth

Clearence Level and Accesses

Dates of Visit: September 27-28, 2022

Technical POC: Erica Burnam, FSO O=703-460-3539, F=703-460-3239,

Purpose: ISWG Annual Conference